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Lainy   Sep 26, 2016

He’s the man behind one of Australia’s most beloved family ballets, George Ogilvie is also the bloke who kick started Russell Crowe’s movie career. The 85-year-old has directed for the small and big screen, but his real passion is the stage which is why a semi-retired Mr Ogilvie was lured back to work by the Australian Ballet, to revisit one of his career highlights, Coppelia.

It’s an important piece in The Australian Ballet’s history, performed during the company’s inaugural season in 1962 and then revived in 1979 in a new production by The Australian Ballet’s founding Artistic Director Dame Peggy van Praagh and Mr Ogilvie.

Coppelia is on stage at Melbourne’s Palais Theatre though to 1 October, before touring to Sydney Opera House for a festive-season run from 2 to 21 December.

See our interview with George Ogilvie, including stories of directing Dame Joan Sutherland, Mel Gibson’s stage acting skills and how a little orthodontic intervention helped him kick-start Russell Crowe’s film career.

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Lainy   Sep 20, 2016

Russell Crowe will host the 30th annual American Cinematheque Award Tribute to Ridley Scott on October 14 at the Beverly Hilton. Crowe won the Best Actor Oscar for Scott’s 2000 Best Picture winner Gladiator, and the pair have also collaborated on American Gangster and A Good Year as well as Crowe productions Robin Hood and Body of Lies, to name a few. Matt Damon will make the presentation to Scott, and other in-person tributes include Noomi Rapace, Katherine Waterston, Sigourney Weaver and Kristen Wiig.


Lainy   Sep 17, 2016

The Nice Guys is available on Blu-ray, DVD and digital platforms from 26th September 2016

Ahh kids. Tiny people with demands greater than Mariah Carey’s dressing room rider. Who’d have ‘em, eh? In the case of Ryan Gosling’s character in The Nice Guys, Holland March, parenting can be more stressful for some than others. Especially when you’re a private detective of questionable merit, and your precocious daughter (Holly March, played by Angourie Rice) is a 13-going-on-30 mini adult who is arguably more sensible than her Dad…

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Lainy   Sep 17, 2016


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Lainy   Sep 15, 2016

Presently ranked No 18 in the world on the ATP World Tour, Rohan Bopanna is a US Open finalist, Wimbledon semi-finalist, double Olympian and a global doubles phenomenon.

Placed third in the world, Rohan is also globally recognised for his work in the non-profit sector and has been honoured with the title of ‘Champion For Peace’ for his work with friend Aisam Qureshi. He has just returned from the Rio Olympics 2016. Apart from tennis, Rohan loves relaxing with music, food and movies.

Cinema – Russell Crowe

“My favourite movie would easily be the ‘Gladiator’. I often find myself mouthing the dialogues with actor Russell Crowe as I watch it. The sheer theatrics of cinema excite me, be it the comic timing or the special effects. I am easily pleased and crack up at the silliest jokes. Even the most cliched of ‘leave your brains at home to watch this flick’ kind of movies make me happy. During my travel abroad, I try to make it a point to watch broadway shows which provide an authentic experience to the audience. My love for Bollywood music often translates into my love for Bollywood movies. ‘Sholay’ is for me an all-time classic.”


Lainy   Sep 13, 2016



Lainy   Sep 13, 2016

– Cinderella Man (2005)

Zellweger teamed up with Russell Crowe and director Ron Howard in 2005, as a biopic about boxer James Braddock was brought to the big screen.

This was the first time that Zellweger had worked with Howard as she played Braddock’s wife Mae. Paul Giamatti was also on the cast list.

The movie followed Braddock, a supposedly washed-up boxer who battled back to become a champion and an inspiration during the 1930s as he fights to provide for his family.

Cinderella Man is one of those wonderful rags to riches stories that has real heart at the film’s core. This is a story that will not fail to move you and you will be willing Braddock to triumph as he steps in the ring for his shot at the heavyweight championship.

Zellweger gives one of the best performances of her career as Braddock’s wife, who is relieved when her husband leaves boxing behind but accepts that he needs to return in order for them to survive. There is a wonderful bond and chemistry between Crowe and Zellweger and you really believe the love that is between this struggling husband and wife.

Cinderella Man is a wonderfully crafted film that tells a very human story – this is a movie that is as much about Braddock out of the ring as it is about him in it. Howard has also captured the period beautifully and you really are transported to Depression Era New Jersey.

Cinderella Man was met with acclaim upon release and, for me, remains one of the best boxing movies of recent years.

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Lainy   Sep 13, 2016

A Beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Mind was one of the most acclaimed dramas of 2001 as Ron Howard returned to the director’s chair.

The movie was based on the life of John Nash, a Nobel Laureate in Economics, and the book of the same name by Sylvia Nasar, which was released in 1998.

Oscar-winner Russell Crowe took on the role of Nash as he teamed up with Howard for the first time; they would go on to work together again with Cinderella Man in 2005.

The movie follows Nash from his days as a graduate at Princeton University to his struggles with paranoid schizophrenia, which put a strain on his marriage.

Howard brought together an impressive cast list as Ed Harris, Jennifer Connelly, Paul Bettany, Adam Goldberg, Judd Hirsch, and Christopher Plummer all starred alongside Crowe.

While the movie was criticised for some of the inaccuracies in Nash’s life, the movie was met well by the critics and we a big box office hit – grossed $313 million; easily making back its $58 million budget.

A Beautiful Mind was nominated for eight Oscars and it went on to win Best Picture, Best Director, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Adapted Screenplay.

Crowe was nominated for Best Actor but lost out to Denzel Washington for his work in Training Day.

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Helen Aug 30, 2016

Mel Brooks, Russell Crowe and Jim Carrey among those who have taken to Twitter to show appreciation for the comedian, who died on Monday

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Lainy   Aug 28, 2016

THE NICE GUYS: Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling as buddy comedy guys may sound counterintuitive, but 90% on Rotten Tomatoes says the chemistry worked. And then an $11 mil opening says, “Who cares what you guys think?”

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