Michael Mann’s tobacco industry whistle-blower drama belongs to a distinct moment in the history of truth, American politics, the press, and corporate power.

“So you think it had to do with the way the film was marketed,” said Charlie Rose in 2000—the glory days of that eponymous show, when Rose was still empowered to ask the questions, rather than being subject to them. His guest was Michael Mann, whose film, the whistle-blower thriller The Insider, was a confirmed letdown at the box office.

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EXCLUSIVE: Ryan Simpkins (Revolutionary Road, Fear Street trilogy, Brigsby Bear) and actress and Grammy-nominated musician Chloe Bailey (Grown-ish, Meet the Browns) are the latest addition to Miramax’s supernatural thriller The Georgetown Project. The pair will join Academy Award-winning actor, Russell Crowe in the film and written and directed by Joshua John Miller and M.A. Fortin (Final Girls, Queen of the South). Production for the film is currently underway in Wilmington N.C.

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How is Roger Ailes like Winston Churchill? That’s probably not a question that gets asked very often, but in addition to both being high-powered political figures, they’re both the subjects of two screen portrayals at around the same time — one on film and one on TV. And just like with Churchill a couple of years ago, both portrayals of Ailes could be awards bait: Russell Crowe in the Showtime limited series “The Loudest Voice” and John Lithgow in the film “Bombshell.”

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An Oscar-winning actor and one of the biggest personalities in film culture of the past three decades, Russell Crowe has made a successful career as a leading man across some of the most publicized blockbusters ever made and the most intimate of independent dramas. From Australia to Hollywood, his intensity as an actor would help him forge working relationships with several great filmmakers (particularly Ridley Scott) before becoming a director and producer himself.

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Latest Projects
  • The True History of the Kelly Gang 2019
    Harry Power
    Post Production
    Based on Peter Carey's novel. The story of Australian bush-ranger Ned Kelly and his gang as they flee from authorities during the 1870s.
  • Unhinged
    The Man
    The story of a mother who leans on her horn at the wrong time, to the wrong guy. "Road rage" doesn't begin to describe what he's about to do to her and everyone she knows.
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    Old Royal Naval College – King William Walk, London SE10 9NN

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TV Schedule (UK) November #RussellWatchUK

17th @ 10.20pm on Channel 5: Gladiator
20th @ 11pm on AMC UK: 3:10 to Yuma

SCA = Sky Cinema Action
SCA HD = Sky Cinema Action HD
SCH = Sky Cinema Hits
SCS = Sky Cinema Select
SCS+H = Sky Cinema Sci-fi & Horror
SCD = Sky Cinema Drama
SCSH: Sky Cinema Showcase
SCG = Sky Cinema Greats
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TV Schedule (US) November 2019 #RussellWatchUS

2nd @ 3:00pm on VH1: American Gangster
3rd @ 2:00pm on FX: Man of Steel
3rd @ 11:03pm on FX: Man of Steel
5th @ 2:45am on HBO2: Robin Hood
6th @ 12:00am on FXM: Noah
6th @ 12:30pm on VH1: American Gangster
6th @ 4:55pm on SHO: 3: 10 to Yuma
6th @ 4:55pm on FXM: Noah
7th @ 9:30am on AMCALL: Body of Lies
8th @ 10:59am on STARZ: A Beautiful Mind
8th @ 3:00pm on FX: Man of Steel
8th @ 9:00pm on FX: The Mummy
9th @ 12:00am on FX: The Mummy
9th @ 12:05am on HBO2: Robin Hood
9th @ 6:15am on STARZ: Cinderella Man
9th @ 7:00am on FX: Man of Steel
9th @ 2:00pm on AMCALL: Gladiator
10th @ 10:19am on AMCALL: Gladiator
11th @ 10:35pm on HBO2: Robin Hood
12th @ 9:30am on SUND: Body of Lies
12th @ 12:25pm on HBO2: Robin Hood
12th @ 3:30pm on FXX: The Mummy
13th @ 12:30pm on FXX: The Mummy
13th @ 12:39pm on STARZ: Cinderella Man

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