Latest News • Gerard Butler: ‘Fans think I’m Russell Crowe’
Lainy   Dec 4, 2016

The Scottish heartthrob may have starred in nearly 60 movies and TV shows, but Russell admirers often mix Gerard up with their Australian idol.

Suave British actor Clive Owen also gets thrown into the mix too sometimes.

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Lainy   Dec 4, 2016

Pick of the year
The Nice Guys, Shane Black’s homage to Raymond Chandler’s Los Angeles, is a terrific comedy thriller.

Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling play pratfalling private eyes on the trail of a missing porn actress back in the sleazeball Seventies.

Gosling is the star of The Big Short, too, which, though it explains the ongoing financial crash of 2008, is also a lot of fun.

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Lainy   Dec 4, 2016

Lainy   Nov 16, 2016


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Lainy   Nov 15, 2016


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Lainy   Nov 13, 2016

A great review by Chris Stuckmann 🙂

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Lainy   Nov 5, 2016

# 6 – Gladiator (2000): Gladiator is a classic when it comes to action films. Russell Crowe stars as a Roman general who is betrayed by the empire which results in the death of his family. In order to be pardoned and free himself, he must become a gladiator and fight in the coliseum. Gladiator won 5 Oscars and was nominated for over 100 other awards. During its opening weekend, Gladiator grossed well over $34 million dollars, and premiering all over the world. Gladiator is one of the best portrayals of the Roman Empire, and the brutality that went on in the coliseum.

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Lainy   Oct 15, 2016


Over 400 screencaps

Lainy   Oct 15, 2016

Coming from the same writer as the original Lethal Weapon movie, one has to wonder if that same magic has been captured again in this recent “buddy movie”? Now that The Nice Guys is about to drop on DVD & Blu Ray release, it is time to revisit this movie to see if it’s worth the purchase or rent out for a night.

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