Ed Sheeran has formed an unlikely friendship with Hollywood star Russell Crowe, with the pair frequently going out drinking together.
The pair are believed to have first met in February, 2015, when Gladiator star Russell presented Ed with the British Album of the Year gong at the BRIT Awards.
And as he spoke to Australian radio DJ Kent ‘Smallzy’ Small on Tuesday night (07Feb17), Ed admitted he and the 52-year-old actor often hit the town together.

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Mel Brooks, Russell Crowe and Jim Carrey among those who have taken to Twitter to show appreciation for the comedian, who died on Monday

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Their upcoming comedy opens May 20, so they’re in the thick of promotions.
And on Friday, Ryan Gosling, Russell Crowe, and Matt Bomer stopped by AOL Studios in New York City to chat about The Nice Guys for a panel for the AOL Build Speaker Series.

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Despite a mantelpiece bowing under the weight of awards (notably a glass gong from GQ Australia and a humanoid-shaped piece known as an Oscar), getting a film made in 2014 ain’t easy. Just ask Russell Crowe. For the acclaimed actor, making his directorial debut with The Water Diviner was a matter of the right timing, the right investors and acute tenacity.

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BOND girl Olga Kurylenko learned all about the Anzac spirit from Russell Crowe. The French/Ukrainian beauty stars opposite Crowe in his directorial debut The Water Diviner.

The drama follows grieving Australian father Joshua Connor (Crowe), who travels to Turkey several years after the events at Gallipoli to discover what happened to this three sons, presumed dead in the ill-fated assault.

“I’d heard of the event but to be honest, I didn’t know the details,” Kurylenko told APN.

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He’s been in front of a camera since age six, something Russell Crowe says prepared him for his directorial debut The Water Diviner.

In an interview with News Corp the 50-year-old actor turned director says he wasn’t nervous ahead of the first day on set of his new WWI project.

‘You can’t bulls*** a film crew,’ says Crowe in his typically forthright manner.

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Here are seven actors who look more like Father Christmas than people who have dressed up as Father Christmas…

(Can’t believe Russell only gets 5/10!!… Helen)

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