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May 19, 18   0 Comment Site

Many thanks to Claudia from Never Enough Design for this awesome layout 🙂

Jan 07, 18   0 Comment Site

:: Pic of the Moment :: TV Guide for both the US & UK, for January (if anyone can send tv schedules for other countries then we’ll add them n the site

Jan 03, 18   0 Comment Site

Welcome to RCUK in 2018. We’ll be adding even more news, info and media all about Russell If you have a website and would like to affiliate with us just email Also if you have any fan photos with Russell, then email us at the same address and we’ll give you credit for them […]

Aug 12, 17   0 Comment Site

Many thanks to Never Enough Designs for the great layout 🙂

Dec 31, 16   0 Comment Site

We hope you all have a safe and awesome night tonight May 2017 bring you nothing but love and happiness Keep on Russelling and we’ll keep on bringing you the best news, media and interaction we can 🙂 Helen & Lainy.

Dec 23, 16   0 Comment Site

Merry Christmas to one and all 🙂 From myself and Helen, may you all have a happy and safe Christmas. 2016 has been an awesome year for Russell and RCUK…may 2017 be even bigger and better 🙂 Updates will begin again on Monday. Lainy & Helen

Jan 01, 15   4 Comments Site

Once again, many many thanks to Sara for this great layout 😀

Dec 01, 14   3 Comments Site

Happy December everyone 🙂 This layout will be online until Jan 1st (then we have another to put on the site) Many thanks to Sara over at Greystreet Design for the wonderful layout 😀

Jun 21, 14   0 Comment Site

The rest of the month’s schedule has been added 🙂

Mar 30, 14   0 Comment Site

Come and join us at our Facebook Page HERE with over 100 members already and a friendly bunch of Russell fans I’m sure you’ll find an interesting topic somewhere 🙂

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