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May 19, 18   0 Comment Cinema, Gladiator

(ANSA) – Rome, May 15 – Ridley Scott’s Oscar-winning Hollywood blockbuster ‘The Gladiator’ will be screened at the Colosseum on June 6 for a charity event that will almost certainly be attended by lead actor Russell Crowe. The soundtrack will be played live by the Italian cinema orchestra in synchrony with the dialogues. The cineconcert […]

Jan 15, 18   0 Comment Gladiator

Ridley Scott strikes again with Gladiator, one of the most successful and most-loved films ever made. The movie boasted huge spectacle, epic storytelling and brutal action sequences, and featured Russell Crowe at the peak of his powers. Cinema fans were gripped by the journey taken by Crowe’s Roman general Maximus, who is betrayed after the […]

Aug 27, 17   0 Comment Gladiator, Mentions

IT’S a case of Rome sweet Rome! A householder has Caesared the chance to gain Maximus interest in his palatial property – by throwing-in a 12 foot-high Roman siege CATAPULT. The five-and-a-half ton weapon, which sits in the garden of Paul Coleman’s Wootton Wawen, Warwickshire , abode has only one previous owner…………… Read about it […]

May 28, 17   0 Comment Articles, Gladiator, Mentions

Juventus star Paulo Dybala reckons his obsession with the film Gladiator has taught him how to handle ­bully-boy defenders. Now the little Argentine ace is aiming to put Real Madrid to the sword in next weekend’s Champions League final . For the article click HERE

May 21, 17   0 Comment Articles, Gladiator

Hugh Jackman has Russell Crowe to thank for all of his Wolverine spoils. Thanks to The Mummy actor turning down the lead role, Jackman was called in to play the mutant superhero in the X-Men franchise. And while co-hosting on Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa today, Crowe finally revealed why he made that fateful decision. For […]

Apr 27, 17   0 Comment Articles, Gladiator

Ridley Scott has revealed how he would bring Maximus back from the dead in a sequel to Gladiator. In the director’s Oscar-winning epic, Russell Crowe’s brave General Maximus survives his betrayal and attempted murder at the hands of Joaquin Phoenix’s scheming Commodus and is metaphorically resurrected as a gladiatorial warrior who rises to become even […]

Mar 11, 17   0 Comment Articles, Gladiator

Spoilers if you haven’t seen GLADIATOR, which, by the way, isn’t too far off from celebrating its twentieth anniversary. How’s that for making you feel old. Back in 2000, Ridley Scott’s historical epic told the story of Maximus (Russell Crowe), a Roman General who found himself reduced to slavery when Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix), the power […]

Aug 17, 16   0 Comment Articles, Gladiator

Although the team over at Screen Junkies insists the early 2000s don’t deserve our nostalgia in their latest honest trailer, they admit the Russell Crowe-led Gladiator was actually pretty awesome. Of course, there are some aspects of the film the YouTube channel couldn’t help but poke fun at, including the fact that its plot is […]

Aug 11, 16   0 Comment Gladiator

Wow! How good would this look! See it HERE

Aug 06, 16   0 Comment Articles, Gladiator

There’s a tried and tested approach to filmmaking. A writer writes a script, which a producer approves, amasses money for, and then hires a director to gather a crew and actors to shoot. It’s simple really. But for Gladiator, Ridley Scott took a different approach. In fact, Russell Crowe has now admitted that when they […]

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