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There’s a tried and tested approach to filmmaking. A writer writes a script, which a producer approves, amasses money for, and then hires a director to gather a crew and actors to shoot. It’s simple really. But for Gladiator, Ridley Scott took a different approach. In fact, Russell Crowe has now admitted that when they begun filming on the 2000 epic, only a paltry number of pages had actually been written.

The Australian actor made this admission to BBC Radio 1, revealing that on the very first days of production they were around 90 pages behind the amount required. to this day, for this reason, Russell Crowe seems stunned that the film went on to win Best Picture. In the interview, Crowe remarked:

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At the beginning of July, Gladiator returned to Netflix after a long absence, and it has also returned to our ranking of the 50 Best Action Movies on Netflix!

Gladiator premiered in theaters around the world in 2000. David Franzoni, John Logan, and William Nicholson wrote the screenplay for the film. Ridley Scott directed Gladiator.

Russell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix, Connie Nielsen, Oliver Reed, Derek Jacobi, Djimon Hounsou, and Richard Harris starred in the film.

Gladiator tells the story of Maximus (Russell Crowe), a former General in the Roman Army who is jailed for refusing an order from the Roman Emperor Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix). Maximus escapes prison and begins fighting as a Gladiator with the hope that he will one day slay the Emperor.

Gladiator was easily one of the best action movies of the 2000s. It’s also one of the most decorated movies of all time. The film was nominated for 12 Oscars and won in five categories including Best Picture, Best Actor in a Leading Role (Russell Crowe), Best Costume Design, Best Sound, and Best Visual Effects.

If you have not seen Gladiator yet, you have to watch it on Netflix, especially if you are a big fan of action movies. Although Gladiator might be a little overhyped at this point, it is still one of the best action movies of the last 20 years or so.

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Russell Crowe’s career was questioned when he decided to make Gladiator.

The New Zealand-born actor was landing small roles in Australia and Hollywood before finally breaking through in the mid ‘90s. It was his casting in L.A. Confidential that really got people talking, before he stunned in an Oscar-winning performance in 2000’s Gladiator. Not everyone thought the Roman epic would be a success though.

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The list of events heading to the Royal Albert Hall in the coming months just keeps getting better and better. Joining Indiana Jones in 2016 will be Ridley Scott’s fantastic Gladiator starring Russell Crowe as Maximus Decimus Meridius.

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In Gladiator, Maximus, played by Russell Crowe, is enslaved and forced to fight as Gladiator in Rome while he waits to take revenge against Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix), the Roman Emperor.

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The house in Up may be demolished! The century-old house in Seattle gained fame when it was used as part of a marketing campaign for the Disney animated feature.

Here are seven other locations around the world that gained fame thanks to the movies that featured them.

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