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Lainy   Jan 21, 2017

“Mummy Reboot,” or simply “The Mummy,” is a 2017 horror-cum-action movie featuring some Hollywood biggies including Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe in the lead roles. It is slated to hit the screens in June, with dates varying from country to country. In Australia, “The Mummy” release date has been set for June 8.

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Lainy   Jan 2, 2017

The Mummy (June 9): Set up as the first instalment of the modern Universal Monsters series, Alex Kurtzman’s movie is a reboot of the popular 1930s franchise that was already revisited several times before. Tom Cruise headlines this fresh version. Algerian actress and hip-hop musician Sofia Boutella is featured as Princess Amunet and, of course, as The Mummy herself. Russell Crowe also appears as Dr. Jekyll.

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Lainy   Dec 31, 2016

6. The Mummy (June 9)
No Brendan Fraser this time. Instead, Universal’s latest relaunch of its classic series is headlined by Tom Cruise. Sofia Boutella (Kingsman: The Secret Service) plays the mummy character this time around, and Russell Crowe debuts as Dr. Henry Jekyll. The film — from director Alex Kurtzman — is intended to serve as the initial installment in a shared Universal Monsters universe, with Dracula, Frankenstein, and others who are expected to appear in future releases.

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Lainy   Dec 29, 2016

For a long time, Universal Pictures has been seeking a way to resurrect its monster pantheon. After all, just because they are in the coffin it doesn’t mean they’re really dead. Indeed, long before Marvel Studios made shared universes the new shiny toy in Hollywood, Universal Monsters had invented the concept for franchised movies in the 1940s with the Wolf Man, Frankenstein’s Monster, and even The Mummy getting involved in the strangest adventures. Now, we stand on the precipice of it happening again for 21st century audiences, beginning first and foremost with 2017’s The Mummy.

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Lainy   Dec 7, 2016

The Mummy looks good. Like, really good. That first trailer for Alex Kurtzman’s attempt at rebooting Universal’s monster movie saga made excellent use of Tom Cruise’s action-hero versatility, a contemporary military backdrop, a terrifying new creature (played by Sofia Boutella), and an intriguing cameo by Russell Crowe. So much A-list goodness! And The Mummy only improves as you dive into this Behind-The-Scenes video released by the studio, which sets up the new film’s mythology, and gets spicy with a bone-crunching Cruise-on-Crowe fight scene. Check it out:

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Lainy   Dec 4, 2016

Helen Sep 30, 2016

DRACULA star Luke Evans has revealed the Universal Monsters film franchise will happen with Tom Cruise, Russell Crowe, Javier Bardem and Johnny Depp.

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Helen Jul 29, 2016

So…..Russell may be getting his own solo movie out of this cameo?!

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Lainy   Jun 25, 2016

Check out this line-up: we’ve got Kingsman‘s Sofia Boutella as The Mummy next year, facing off against Tom Cruise’s Tyler Colt, a Navy SEAL we’re guessing is some kind of take on the monster hunter Van Helsing, Russell Crowe making a cameo as Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, Johnny Depp in talks to play the Invisible Man, Angelina Jolie rumored to be the Bride, and now the Rock as the Wolfman.

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Lainy   May 23, 2016

Russell Crowe has said that he is excited for his kids to see him taking on the role of Dr. Henry Jekyll in a big budget reboot of The Mummy alongside Tom Cruise.

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