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Jan 03, 18   Lainy   0 Comment

“Boy Erased” (Sept. 28) In his 2015 suspense film “The Gift,” the actor Joel Edgerton proved to be a filmmaker of shrewd and stunning talent. For his second feature as a director, he turns to a subject that begs to be treated with dramatic honesty: the moral travesty that is “conversion therapy.” Based on Garrard […]

Sep 30, 17   Lainy   0 Comment

Gladiator star Russell Crowe prepared for his concert in Leeds tonight by visiting Yorkshire Tea. The star dropped by for a tea break with his band, the Indoor Garden Party, on their way to perform at the historic City Varieties Music Hall in Leeds. Oscar-winning actor Russell is well known for his appreciation of Yorkshire; […]

Aug 02, 17   Lainy   0 Comment

Australian streaming service Stan has announced that it is developing a six-part TV sequel to the cult 1992 film Romper Stomper, which starred Russell Crowe as the leader of a group of violent neo-Nazi extremists. For the full article click HERE

Jul 23, 17   Lainy   0 Comment

6. Cinderella Man (2005). As I’ve indicated in the past, I really enjoy true story movies. Here we have another telling of the former heavyweight champion, James Braddock. Russell Crowe is excellent as the lead, and the movie depicts how big the sport of boxing was in the early 1900s. For the full list click […]

Jul 18, 17   Lainy   0 Comment

Actor and musician Russell Crowe has blasted those who say he should stick to acting. The Gladiator star began his career as a musician, performing under the name Russ Le Roq and releasing several singles in his native New Zealand. For the full article click HERE

Jul 08, 17   Lainy   0 Comment

If you can’t wait that long, though, here are eight other films in which tennis makes an appearance. A Good Year Ridley Scott’s 2006 rom-com sees Russell Crowe play a frenetic match against a Provencal wine-maker to the sound of Harry Nilsson’s Jump into the Fire. His opponent’s dog is named Tati after famous French […]

Jun 29, 17   Lainy   0 Comment

3. THE NICE GUYS: Shane Black’s rollicking action-comedy was one of 2016’s under-seen gems. Black’s third directorial effort (after Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Iron Man 3) failed to make a big splash at the box office, earning back its budget my only seven million dollars, but The Nice Guys should not be underestimated so […]

Jun 15, 17   Lainy   0 Comment

Could Russell Crowe be the worst Jekyll & Hyde of all time? One of the earliest indications of The Mummy‘s Dark Universe designs was the casting of Russell Crowe opposite Tom Cruise as Dr. Henry Jekyll. This was, at first, exciting; it promised that the reboot of a franchise that was last in cinemas less […]

Jun 11, 17   Lainy   0 Comment

We loved how Crowe’s Detective Richie Roberts takes on drug kingpin Frank Lucas (Denzel Washington) in ‘American Gangster’ For the list click HERE

May 28, 17   Lainy   0 Comment

Russell Crowe has revealed the most dangerous stunt he’s ever done saying it was “probably one of the stupidest things I ever did”. Speaking to Aussie radio hosts Chrissie, Sam and Browny from Nova, the Kiwi actor revealed his role on Proof of Life nearly killed him. “Right at the beginning of the film there’s […]

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