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Lainy   Jan 7, 2017

Next up with have the very talented Hollywood superstar Russell Crowe, who took on the role of Robin Hood in the 2010 Ridley Scott movie, which was simply titled Robin Hood. Unfortunately we did not really get into this version of Robin Hood quite as much as we did previous movies, although it was good to see that Russell was willing to have a go at a much more realistic Robin Hood accent, although many people felt he sounded ridiculous.

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Lainy   Jun 15, 2016

7. Robin Hood (2010)
As revisionist movies of the 2010s are wont to do, Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood focuses on its famous hero’s humble origins, sets the story against a gritty, “realistic” backdrop, and then denies us the story we showed up to see in the first place (that’s what sequels are for, after all). By the time the heavily historicized drama’s two-and-a-half-hour runtime is drawing to a close, there’s been a lot of political reshuffling and self-serious grimacing (mostly on the part of Russell Crowe’s Robin), and then, in the last five minutes, Robin is finally declared an outlaw and moves to Sherwood Forest. The movie boasts an all-star cast — Cate Blanchett plays Marian and Oscar Isaac is a wonderfully nasty Prince John — as well as some impressive action sequences, but good luck finding any actual fun in a single drab frame.

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