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Nov 07, 17   0 Comment Mentions

Not about Russell but we do love Scott too 🙂 Scott Grimes is the guy who steals scenes with his wit, humor, vocal ability, and all around talent. When he’s not touring with Russell Crowe in their “Indoor Garden Party” band, he’s working as Helmsman Gordon Malloy on The Orville with MacFarlane’s Ed Mercer. Read […]

Aug 27, 17   0 Comment Gladiator, Mentions

IT’S a case of Rome sweet Rome! A householder has Caesared the chance to gain Maximus interest in his palatial property – by throwing-in a 12 foot-high Roman siege CATAPULT. The five-and-a-half ton weapon, which sits in the garden of Paul Coleman’s Wootton Wawen, Warwickshire , abode has only one previous owner…………… Read about it […]

Jun 18, 17   0 Comment Mentions

Who would play you in a movie of your life? Russell Crowe. I was once mistaken for him and have never been so happy. Source:

Jun 15, 17   0 Comment Mentions

5. Russell Crowe Not only will Russell Crowe provide an eerie resemblance to Bannon, but he has the ability to provide the edge to the character in a way that not many actors can. He has the ability to provide an appearance of the character that will be unyielding in its presentation of what Bannon […]

May 28, 17   0 Comment Articles, Gladiator, Mentions

Juventus star Paulo Dybala reckons his obsession with the film Gladiator has taught him how to handle ­bully-boy defenders. Now the little Argentine ace is aiming to put Real Madrid to the sword in next weekend’s Champions League final . For the article click HERE

Mar 19, 17   0 Comment Mentions

Who will play Cable in Deadpool 2? That has been a question for months now, with many names thrown in the ring as possible candidates. Plenty of actors have made it known that they’re available for the role, including Dolph Lundgren, Ron Perlman, Russell Crowe and perhaps most famously Stephen Lang. Kyle Chandler was wanted […]

Oct 11, 16   0 Comment Mentions

Russell Crowe is a supporter of the film festival in the name of his late friend. Read more HERE

Jul 29, 16   0 Comment Mentions, The Mummy

So…..Russell may be getting his own solo movie out of this cameo?! Read more HERE

Jul 16, 16   0 Comment Mentions

Ryan told XPOSÉ that working with Russell Crowe in The Nice Guys was something that he’d always wanted to do. He told us, “I’m a huge fan of Russell’s as well so it was a real treat.” The feeling is clearly mutual as Russell told RTÉ Ten, “That kid just makes me laugh. He’s some […]

May 30, 16   0 Comment Mentions, The Nice Guys

Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling star in the new movie The Nice Guys, set in LA during the ’70s. The blockbuster follows private detective Holland March (Gosling) and hired enforcer Jackson Healy (Crowe) as they work together in search of a missing girl who is also linked to the death of porn star Misty Mountain. […]

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