Russell Crowe is a closet karaoke fan who loves singing Adele’s hits, as revealed by his ‘Les Miserables’ co-star Amanda Seyfried.

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So much for Mother’s Day. A slew of new offerings available on Netflix in May include testosterone-fueled classics like “Gladiator” starring Russell Crowe and “Kill Bill: Volume 1” and “Volume 2” by Quentin Tarantino.

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With the new Hercules movie just a few months away from being released, the cast and crew have been talking about the project, with Dwayne Johnson revealing a few of the possibilities that they had for the film. Dwayne has admitted that Gladiator star Russell Crowe came close to making an appearance in the movie.

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The Oscar-winning actress on playing someone who’s ‘a fierce mother’

For all the bad-boy reputation that many have tagged Russell Crowe with, the actor is still someome Academy Award-winning actress Jennifer Connelly said she loves to work with.

She previously starred with Crowe in A Beautiful Mind, playing his onscreen wife, delivering a performance that would earn her the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. And she is reunited with Crowe for her latest film, Noah.

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ONE of the first things Lisa Marie Presley learnt about Australia was that it was ­unwise to get involved in a “drink off” with actor Russell Crowe.

Presley was in Sydney during her last tour eight years ago and found herself worse for wear after a drinking challenge with Crowe.

It was, Presley recalled with a laugh, the “stupidest thing I have ever done” the night before she was due to perform.

“I apologised (later) to the audience,” she said.

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Russell Crowe If you are in the mood, this is how to do it. Don’t just eat and sign autographs, but visit the kitchens, play the guitar, sing several classic rock numbers and leave a £600 tip on top of a £240 bill – as Crowe did during a break from filming Robin Hood. As one member of staff put it afterwards: “We were like: ‘Did that just happen?'”

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5. What next for you?
I’m in The Water Diviner, which is Russell Crowe’s directorial debut. We’re shooting that at the moment in Sydney and Turkey.

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Jennifer and Paul have been married for nearly 12 years after meeting during shooting A Beautiful Mind.

The film saw Jennifer win a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for the role of Alicia Nash – wife of a brilliant schizophrenic mathematician played by Russell Crowe who scooped the Best Actor gong.

Jennifer and Russell have now starred in three films together – they have two forthcoming projects coming up – Noah and Winter’s Tale.

Russell told the magazine that he and Jennifer ”have an easy intimacy. We act together like the best kisses: We both bring equal passion.’

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Seth Rogen might be a massive star who can get celebrities to appear in his movies – but he still gets excited when famous people follow him on Twitter.

“I met Russell Crowe recently,” Seth said. “And I actually kind of lost my mind. He just followed me on Twitter yesterday, which was a huge moment for me.”

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