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Sheena: Is Russell Crowe the greatest film actor of his generation?
I believe he is, and I believe I can prove it in 6 films:
Romper Stomper: The sum of us: For the Moment: Love in Limbo; Master and Commander, the far side of the World and State of Play
Here we have three pairs of characters,
Hando the murderous skinhead gang leader and Jeff Mitchell the gay plumber who cares for his invalid father
Lachlan the cocksure Jack the lad bomber pilot who can seduce women with a word and a smile and Arthur Baskin the welsh anally retentive virgin who wouldn’t know what to do with a woman if he had one, and who’s final scene kiss with Ivy is a sight to behold
Jack Aubrey a giant of a man both physically and figuratively, who is literally master of all he surveys, admired by men adored by women, who’s crew would follow him through the very gates of hell and Cal Mcaffery a shambolic uncouth bear of a man incapable of relationships and afraid of his own shadow.
These characters have nothing in common and are in fact diametrically opposed and yet each comes to the screen fully formed with a past, present and future. Each has a life and personality all his own, and at some point in each film the camera looks into his eyes and we see into his very soul. Each one is so very different and yet so very real it is difficult to believe that the same person could be behind them all. Yet it is Mr Russell Crowe, and that’s what you call ACTING