The Nice Guys throws Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe back to 1977. But let’s pretend the movie was actually made back then.

A new trailer for Shane Black’s (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) next film was made as an old-school one, with the beats, voiceover, and camera filter making you pine for the days of celluloid.

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Ryan Gosling wants to set the record straight!

In a hilarious new video via Buzzfeed Celeb, promoting “The Nice Guys,” Gosling gets an intervention from costar Russell Crowe about the “Hey Girl” meme, which has become synonymous with the sexy star.

Check out the hilarious skit to see Ryan’s faux-meltdown!

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Canadian actor Ryan Gosling and Australia-raised star Russell Crowe wouldn’t necessarily seem like two gentlemen with a whole lot in common. So what did the duo discuss when shooting scenes for writer-director Shane Black’s new action-comedy The Nice Guys (out May 20)? The answer, according to Gosling, is rugby – a sport about which Crowe is famously obsessed.

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This is a bit of marketing brilliance.
Imagine if two major stars of an upcoming movie needed couples therapy before they headed out for the film’s global press tour.

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They will be appearing together in black comedy The Nice Guys, which will be released in May.
And if Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe’s latest video promoting the film is any indication, viewers of the movie will be roaring with laughter throughout the film.

The comedy sketch shared on Twitter, which appears to have been filmed on set of The Nice Guys in Baldwin Hills, Los Angeles, sees the co-stars openly airing their grievances with one another, with Ryan even confessing: ”I think that Russell has a deep well of unaddressed anger.’

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Long before Bats took on Supes in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, former friends Jor-El and General Zod went head to head on the planet Krypton in Man of Steel. While Man of Steel was far from a perfect film, it did do justice to Superman’s Kryptonian origin story, which featured Russell Crowe as the future superhero’s father, Jor-El.
Given Jor-El’s demise in the 2013 flick, we don’t expect Crowe to pop up in the DC Expanded Universe any time soon, unless Zack Snyder wanted to take a page from Disney and LucasFilm’s book and give us the Krypton-set anthology film we’ve been waiting for because, according to Crowe, Jor-El’s fascinating story is far from over.

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Who doesn’t want to be a rock star?! Even if you find other means of gaining wealth and fame, there’s just something about taking the stage and and standing in front of a Marshall stack.

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Steve Weintraub is currently at CinemaCon, which is where the studios promote their upcoming films to theater owners. Before the Warner Bros. presentation, Steve spoke with The Nice Guys star Russell Crowe about the film, which stars Crowe and Ryan Gosling as an enforcer and a P.I., respectively, who team up to investigate the disappearance of a young woman.

During their conversation, Crowe talked about his thoughts on The Nice Guys and if it met his expectations, working with Shane Black, and memories of working on Man of Steel.
He also addressed what it would take for him to do a Master and Commander sequel, and pointed out the difficulties involved:

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Mumbai, April 15 : Director Shane Black’s upcoming film “The Nice Guys”, which stars actors Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling, is set to release in India on May 27 this year.

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