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Lainy   Dec 7, 2016


Lainy   Dec 7, 2016

RUSSELL Crowe has brought Hollywood to South Sydney once again, overseeing an emotional television advertisement for the club in its bid to create history in 2017.

The movie star’s video production company, South Sydney Media, has filmed an emotional television advertisement aimed at driving the club through the historic 35,000 membership barrier.

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Lainy   Dec 7, 2016

The Mummy looks good. Like, really good. That first trailer for Alex Kurtzman’s attempt at rebooting Universal’s monster movie saga made excellent use of Tom Cruise’s action-hero versatility, a contemporary military backdrop, a terrifying new creature (played by Sofia Boutella), and an intriguing cameo by Russell Crowe. So much A-list goodness! And The Mummy only improves as you dive into this Behind-The-Scenes video released by the studio, which sets up the new film’s mythology, and gets spicy with a bone-crunching Cruise-on-Crowe fight scene. Check it out:

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Lainy   Dec 4, 2016

The Scottish heartthrob may have starred in nearly 60 movies and TV shows, but Russell admirers often mix Gerard up with their Australian idol.

Suave British actor Clive Owen also gets thrown into the mix too sometimes.

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Lainy   Dec 4, 2016

Pick of the year
The Nice Guys, Shane Black’s homage to Raymond Chandler’s Los Angeles, is a terrific comedy thriller.

Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling play pratfalling private eyes on the trail of a missing porn actress back in the sleazeball Seventies.

Gosling is the star of The Big Short, too, which, though it explains the ongoing financial crash of 2008, is also a lot of fun.

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Lainy   Dec 4, 2016

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