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Russell Crowe directed 3 times Academy Award winning film ‘The Water Diviner’ about to open at the American box office! The film ‘The Water Diviner’ directed by Russell Crowe and made in Australia is about to open in American theatre. The bona fide actor Crowe made his directorial debut in the film and hopes the film is met with the same success it garnered in Australia.

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It seems a million miles from anywhere. Life at Russell Crowe’s 1,400-acre ranch is about a beautiful sunrise, rolling hills, simple peace and quiet
Crowe says he’s always thinking about this not-so-little patch of earth as he travels and works around the world. He may be from New Zealand, but this part of Australia is home.

“Nana Glen” is a seven-hour drive north of Sydney. Most important, it’s 7,275 miles from Hollywood.

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Like Marlon Brando in the original Superman films, Russell Crowe played a key role in 2013’s Man of Steel as Superman’s Kryptonian father Jor-El.

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All eyes were certainly on Russell Crowe when he stepped out at The Water Diviner premiere in California on Thursday.

The 51-year-old actor, who is the director and star of the film, revealed a slightly rounder figure in an all-black ensemble.

Stepping onto the black carpet at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, the acclaimed actor donned a black shirt layered with a matching blazer.


The internet can’t stop freaking out over the “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” trailer… and it hasn’t even been released in its entirety yet. It’s been a brutally long wait for fans of the Dark Knight and the (super)man formerly known as Kal-El.

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Academy Award-winning actor Russell Crowe currently likes directing films more than starring in them, he tells Seth Doane in an interview to be broadcast on CBS’ “Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood.”

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**Thursday, April 23: Guests Russell Crowe, Seann William Scott and Emily Heller. Jeremy Gara sits-in with The 8G Band. Show 0195.


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