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Russell Crowe is an Oscar-winning actor, dad (as in actual father of two boys, not DAD) and the proud owner of the South Sydney Rabbitohs. Now, he can add director to his impressive resume.

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He may be world famous and a millionaire many times over, but Russell Crowe still feels very grounded in his approach to making movies.

“I’ve always had a very simple, working-class attitude towards the job,” he says over the phone from San Francisco, where he’s promoting “The Water Diviner,” his feature directorial debut.

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Hugh Jackman has just given the thumbs-up to Russell Crowe’s Australian war movie The Water Diviner, which opens in the US this weekend.

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We 4/29: Russell Crowe, Kathryn Hahn, Eddie Izzard, Kodaline

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Russell Crowe’s “The Water Diviner” might be seen as just another film struggling to get a look from American audiences during a spring movie season dominated by the latest installments in the “Avengers” and “Furious” franchises.
But for the film community Down Under, and especially first-time director Crowe, the war epic amounts to something much larger – another chance for Australia to reassert itself as a maker of mass-appeal films and for the actor to shift from leading man to the man leading production.

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Russell Crowe directed 3 times Academy Award winning film ‘The Water Diviner’ about to open at the American box office! The film ‘The Water Diviner’ directed by Russell Crowe and made in Australia is about to open in American theatre. The bona fide actor Crowe made his directorial debut in the film and hopes the film is met with the same success it garnered in Australia.

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It seems a million miles from anywhere. Life at Russell Crowe’s 1,400-acre ranch is about a beautiful sunrise, rolling hills, simple peace and quiet
Crowe says he’s always thinking about this not-so-little patch of earth as he travels and works around the world. He may be from New Zealand, but this part of Australia is home.

“Nana Glen” is a seven-hour drive north of Sydney. Most important, it’s 7,275 miles from Hollywood.

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