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Former Bond girl Olga Kurylenko has been cast opposite Russell Crowe in his upcoming directorial debut The Water Diviner. The Oscar-winner’s film is billed as an epic adventure set after the end of WW1, with an Aussie father searching Turkey for his three sons, supposedly lost in the battle of Gallipoli.

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Russell Crowe will play a novelist stricken by mental illness in forthcoming movie ‘Fathers and Daughters’.

The ‘Man of Steel’ actor will portray a novellist stricken by mental illness struggling to raise his five-year-old daughter in New York, with the story also focusing on the girl’s life in the present day, as a 30-year-old Manhattan woman battling the effects of her troubled upbringing.

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There is one nagging question about the movie that should one day be made to tell the tale of the fabulous Burgess boys. Who would play Russell Crowe?

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2 of my faves. Russell & Greg Inglis

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Digital entertainment curator FilmBuff previously announced that they would release the Russell Crowe-narrated documentary RED OBSESSION on VOD September 6 with exclusive theatrical engagements in New York and Miami with additional markets such as Los Angeles and San Francisco to follow.

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For years now, Russell Crowe has been saying he’s ready to direct a film, but despite getting in some experience with video shorts and the documentary about his band, nothing has worked out. It seems he’s closer than ever with his latest attempt, Battle of Gallipoli tale The Water Diviner, which he’s in pre-production on and may end up starring in.

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HONG KONG — Russell Crowe is now heading towards production on “The Water Diviner,” a war-drama that will mark the Australian-based superstar’s feature directing debut.

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