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The Prince Charles Cinema in London will be showing the movie the night of the 28th January. For prices and all other info please click HERE

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7. Tie: Exodus & Noah
Yes, another tie, but Movie Fanatic cannot decide which of the biblical epics coming at us in 2014 has us more excited. It is frankly a tie! Noah tells the story of the man who built the ark and saved animal kind. It stars one of our favorite actors in Russell Crowe, chronicles our favorite Bible story and is from one of our favorite directors, Darren Aronofsky.

Exodus features our favorite actor, Christian Bale as Moses, with another one of our go-to helmers tackling the iconic story, Ridley Scott. If nothing else, 2014 will be biblical in cinematic proportions.

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Including ones from 1997

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with 5 sets of scans added including ones from Empire Magazine: January 2014

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RUSSELL Crowe has picked somewhere close to home to film the first scenes for his directorial debut.

The Oscar winning actor took over a street in Sydney’s Millers Point to film The Water Diviner, which is set just after World War I.

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Superheroes are being elbowed out by Noah and Mary as Hollywood makes 2014 year of the biblical epic

In March audiences will be treated to Noah, a $150million special effects-laden extravaganza, in which Russell Crowe will build an ark and rescue mankind from the Great Flood. Harry Potter actress Emma Watson will play his adopted daughter, and Sir Anthony Hopkins is portraying Methuselah. The ark was built on Long Island, New York.

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