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Lainy   Mar 20, 2013

RUSSELL Crowe looks set to reprise his role as tour guide to the stars, with reports he will help welcome US talk show host Ellen DeGeneres when she makes her first official public appearance in Australia this weekend.

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Lainy   Mar 6, 2013

RUSSELL Crowe has been a regular fixture at South Sydney games since he took over as owner of the club in 2006.

Now, in what is a timely boost for the Rabbitohs before their season-opening game against the Sydney Roosters on Thursday night, Crowe has no immediate plans to sell his stake in the club.

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Lainy   Mar 5, 2013

THE biggest stars won’t be on the field for tomorrow night’s Roosters-Rabbitohs showdown.

Allianz Stadium’s private boxes will be packed with Sydney’s A-list. The occasion will be sport’s social event of the year.

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I don’t agree with the first line…Greg Inglis is the biggest name for me 😉

Lainy   Feb 27, 2013

:: Master and Commander

Lainy   Feb 24, 2013

Big name stars Jennifer Hudson, Russell Crowe and Catherine Zeta-Jones are set to perform at this year’s Academy Awards on Sunday night, according to reports.

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Lainy   Feb 12, 2013

:: A Good Year

Lainy   Feb 3, 2013

I didn’t think it would be this easy but it’s only taken 30 minutes to move the site.
Weekly updates will begin from this week 🙂